An Interview With Charles Darwin

InterviewSo this is it.  Episode 30 of the ‘Evolution Talk’ podcast.  To mark the occasion I’ve done something I’ve always wanted to do… interview Charles Darwin!  Paying homage to my favorite creative medium, I present to you a very different format for this episode – an audio drama.  So sit back, slip on your favorite headphones or ear-buds, and step back into time with me to a cold and windy day in October… of 1869.


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Written and produced by Rick Coste


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Rick Coste

Rick Coste is a writer & producer. He is currently producing the audio dramas 'The Behemoth' and 'Scotch'. Future projects include 'Bryar Lane', 'The Fiona Potts Interview', 'Charlie's Mailbox', and 'The Behemoth II'.

6 thoughts on “An Interview With Charles Darwin”

  1. I must admit Rick you have a flare for doing things …and doing them well. Even if I am the 3rd Great Grandson of Patrick Matthew I appreciate talent. It was very entertaining…and very well presented. It even had a few good chuckles playing on words.

  2. Howard, in the original “Parrot Sketch” John Cleese is called Major. So I left that in my Dead Darwin Donkey sketch. Perhaps you should offer to play the part? If not, I’ll do it.

  3. Hi Mike – Big Monty Python fan here. Especially a fan of the Dead Parrot sketch. Very entertaining!

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