Mary Anning

In 1811 , or 1812, a young girl by the name of Mary Anning, along with her little brother, happened upon an incredible find while digging around the cliffs of Lyme Regis in England.   It was a skull. A very large skull. Four feet long and with jagged teeth. Mary kept looking. Her efforts paid off and she soon found the rest of the great beast. A large skeleton of a creature never before seen. They sold the skeleton to a local collector who eventually sold it to Charles Konig, then keeper of the department of natural history at the British Museum. Konig had even given it a name. He called it an Ichthyosaurus.

Mary’s success was that she was simply very good at what she did.  A jutting stone might be the snout of a plesiosaur, a flat piece of slate a flipper. It might even be the head of a pterosaur. Which it was in 1828 when Mary pulled the fossil of a pterosaur out of the cliffs.


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